Belarus is ready to accept Russian soldiers

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Belarus is ready to accept Russian soldiers after the announcement of the “partial mobilization” of the Russian population. The Disinformation Counteraction Center at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports the arrival of 130 private military campaign members (PMC Wagner) to Belarus. According to preliminary information, the Wagnerites arrived in Minsk on September 20 to prepare provocations on the Ukraine-Belarus border.

Despite the promise of self-proclaimed president Alexander Lukashenko not to be a bridgehead country for Russia, Russian weapons are currently stationed on the territory of Belarus: one division of the Iskander missile complex, three divisions of S-300 and S-400. It is from these complexes that missiles are launched over the territory of Ukraine.

In the near future, Belarus is preparing to accept 20,000 mobilized military personnel from the Russian Federation.

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