Pentagon is planning a new aid package for Ukraine

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The USA announces another aid package for Ukraine. It will mainly include resources for the country’s military and defense needs. The total cost of the new aid package is $600 million.

The assistance package includes:

  • Аdditional ammunition for high mobility missile and artillery systems (HIMARS);
  • 36,000 105 mm artillery shells;
  • 1,000 high-precision 155-mm artillery shells;
  • 4 anti-artillery radars;4 trucks and eight trailers for transporting heavy equipment;
  • Countermeasures against unmanned aerial systems;
  • Demining equipment;
  • Claymore anti-personnel ammunition;
  • Explosive ammunition and equipment
  • Small arms and ammunition;
  • Night vision devices, cold weather gear and other field equipment.

Since the election, Joe Biden’s administration allocated about 15.8 billion dollars for security assistance to Ukraine.

 $ 36.8   39.6   9.1