Portugal to oppose travel visa ban for Russians

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Portugal is against the ban on issuing EU visas to Russian citizens.

After Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with the American newspaper Washington Post, called to close the borders of the Schengen zone to Russian citizens, some European leaders started pressuring the EU to ban Russian tourists from entering the EU.

“Portugal believes that the main goal of the sanctions should be to punish the Russian military machine, not the Russian people. Portugal will take part in the discussion, which may eventually take place on the European level, supporting a unified position of the EU member states, as we have always done,” said the answer of João Cravinho, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal.

However, there is still no ban at the EU level, and apart from Portugal, there is at least one other country against it: Germany.

Reminder: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland have already joined in supporting Ukraine in this matter.

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