The USA announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth 400 million dollars

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This was announced at a briefing in Washington by Mrs. Sabrina Singh, deputy spokesperson of the Pentagon.

Sing said that “these tanks will come from the Czech Republic. The United States will pay for the restoration of 45 units. And the Dutch government, in accordance with its obligations, will pay for another 45 tanks. So in total, 90 tanks will be sent to Ukraine. These will be technically advanced tanks.

The USA and the Netherlands will jointly pay for the restoration of T-72 tanks that are stored in the Czech Republic.

It is noted that part of these tanks will be transferred before the end of this year, and the rest in 2023.

Also, this aid package includes 250 M1117 armored personnel carriers, 40 armored boats, Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems and 1,100 Phoenix Ghost drones (delivery date was not specified).

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